Money Transfer Online Service:

GCC Exchange WebTT is a complete online money transfer solution built on latest technology. It is one of the most convenient and cost effective modes of sending money online. Once signed up with the service, the customers can log on to the portal any time and send money to their loved ones.

Its security, user-friendliness, accessibility from personal environment and rich lineage have made it popular among customers, who wish to send money online.

The benefits of sending money with GCC Exchange WebTT include:

  • Best Exchange Rates
  • Safe and Secure Money Transfer
  • Quality Service
  • Fast and Easy Process
  • Automated SMS Confirmation
  • Now No More Standing at Exchange Houses
  • Save Your Time and Money
  • Track your Transactions Anytime

Bank Account Number
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank 10048390020001 (AE110030010048390020001)
Bank of Baroda 90030200002187 (AE46 0110 0900 3020 0002 187)
Emirates National Bank of Dubai 1012101951701 (AE910260001012101951701)
National Bank of Umm Al Quwain 0085968604(AE570420000000085968604)

* Account Title would be 'GCC Exchange'.

* Once you have created your payment instruction you then need to wire the payment total to any one of the following bank accounts listed here.

Please refer to the FAQ section for more information.

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