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Instant Money Transfers:

It allows you to transfer money to your loved ones within minutes through cash payouts at agent outlets worldwide without having a bank account. Following are the instant money transfer services available through GCC Exchange:

GCC Remit:

GCC Remit is a global instant money transfer brand. A proprietary GCC Exchange product, GCC Remit offers reliable instant money transfer service, affordably.
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Moneygram is a fast and easy way to transfer money to anywhere in the world.

Xpress Money:

Xpress Money is an instant money transfer brand with the largest global agent network.

I-Remit for Philippines

I-Remit is a secure and trusted means of transferring money effectively and efficiently to Philippines.


Trans-fast offers a safe and convenient way of sending money back home.

Instant Cash:

Send money across to your loved ones within minutes.

Send Money Online

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