Online Money Transfer Service - FAQs

What is Web TT?
How does Web TT work?
What are the documents required to get registered with Web TT?
How can I be sure my money is secure?
I have forgotten my password, how do I reset it?
How long before the money will appear in the beneficiary account?
Who can use my GCC Web TT ?
What should I use as the reference for my local transfer to Web TT?
How can the customer track the status of transaction?
Will the customer get a confirmation from GCC Exchange when transfer is successful?
What are the customer touch points?
Can the customer cancel a transaction?
What are charges for sending money using
How do I set rate alert?
How do I schedule Manual pick up for online Service Agreement?
What is the maximum amount I can send online?
My bank account got debited but transaction is not processed. What do I do?
What types of documents are required to initiate my online transfer with GCC Exchange Web TT?
When will be my online transaction processed after me, making my transfer application?
Can I have more than 1 Web TT account?
How much money can I send through the Web TT Service?
How long does it take for funds to be transferred? Will there be any notification on transaction status?
Can I transfer money using an international bank account?
Why My Web TT Profile has been Deactivated?
Can i Activate my Profile Once Again