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Dear Valued Customer,

We hope that you are enjoying our WPS service!

At GCC Exchange, your opinion is extremely important for us to serve you better. Kindly spend five minutes of your valuable time to take a short survey to enlighten us on our shortcomings and help us to enhance your experience.

1. Please select the location or name of your preferred GCC Exchange branch?
2. How long have you been processing your staff's salary from GCC Exchange?
3. The most important reason why you prefer GCC Exchange WPS is
4. How do you create the Salary Information File (SIF) for salary processing?
5. Please rate the GCC Exchange WPS process on the following:
Very Difficult Difficult Neutral Easy Very Easy
Registering the company
Adding new employees
Creating the SIF file
Issuing ATM card for employee
Getting a salary statement
6. How would you rate the service in our branches in terms of the following:
Excellent Good Fair Poor
Look and feel of the branch
Staff courteousness and helpfulness
Knowledge of the staff about salary processing
Handling a complaint or salary related problem
7. How long does it normally take to process the salary in the branch?
8. Once you have made a payment in GCC Exchange, how much time it takes for your employees to withdraw salary?
9. How often does the GCC Exchange WPS relationship officer for your company gets in touch with you?
10. Were you using WPS service from other exchange houses/banks before?
  Yes (Please name your previous WPS service provider)
11. How do you rate the overall quality of GCC Exchange WPS?
12. How likely are you to recommend GCC Exchange WPS to others for their salary processing requirement?
13. Please suggest improvements or feedback that can help us serve you better in future
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Benefit to Employer

  • Easy to disburse their employee salary
  • Salary paid / unpaid report is available at any time
  • Easy salary account reconciliation
  • Reduce paper work
  • Integrated with WPS (CBUAE & MOL)

Benefit to the Employee

  • Salary disbursal on time
  • Employee can withdraw their respective salary at any time
  • GCC Exchange - Tankhwa Card
  • Discounts and privileges available for individuals drawing salary from us as WPS customers

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